Pre-1920 Vehicles May Or May Not Be As Expensive As You’d Think

Many of the top vehicles on the classic car market are ones that were built before 1920. These are vehicles that were built in the early days of the auto industry when vehicles were not as commonplace and not all people could afford them. 

Naturally, these vehicles are not going to be easily available in some cases. This is primarily due to how scarce they are. After all, many of these cars have broken down over the years and some have been scrapped altogether for a variety of reasons. 

Pre 1920In addition, these vehicles are typically ones that are going to be for show purposes only. They might not be able to take unleaded petrol fuel and in some cases they might have engines that are too loud or difficult to maintain. The fact that hardly anyone knows how to fix these older vehicles anymore only makes it so driving one of these vehicles could prove to be a real challenge for anyone to bear with. 

Fortunately, there is one positive aspect of the pre-1920 classic car market that is worth exploring. Simply put, not all pre-1920 vehicles are not going to cost far too much money to acquire when compared with some of the other collectible vehicles from more recent times. Still, some options are going to be rather high in value. 

There are many good examples for you to explore when it comes to having such vehicles of use to you and your wallet: 

  • Some smaller brands that are not in demand might be more affordable. A 1913 Levis Popular TS may be found for about £4000.
  • Small-power vehicles may also be found for cheap. A 1915 Ford Model T Speedster can go for £15000 in many instances.
  • Some of the oldest vehicles that don’t have far too many features but are still essential from a historic standpoint may still cost less. You can use £12000 to get a 1902 Griffon vehicle, for instance.

Meanwhile, some other vehicles are going to be extremely expensive. There are many critical examples for you to explore:

  • Pre-1920A 4.5 hp 1902 Rochet Vis a Visa can be about £72000 in value. This is an example of a high-power early vehicle that is extremely rare and can therefore become a whole lot more expensive.
  • More powerful vehicles from the time may also be more expensive. An example of this is the 1913 Rover Coupe that features a four-cylinder engine with 12 hp. This can go for around £40000 on average.
  • Luxury cars may also be extremely expensive. You might pay in the six-digit range for a 1914 Rover Toure Royale depending on the mechanical features that come with the vehicle.

You need to be certain that you watch for the values that come with pre-1920 vehicles on the market. While these vehicles can be rather attractive, you must be rather careful when you are looking around as many vehicles can be either rather cheap when compared with others or they can cost an extremely high amount of money.


Many Car Collectors Are Looking Into American Cars

While car collectors around the UK have been focusing on cars from Europe for the most part, many people are also taking a look at American cars. These include cars from Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge as well as some classic brands like Lincoln, Plymouth, Pontiac and Mercury. 

US car

These American cars might not sound as appealing as some European cars but they are still historic in many forms. These can include many vehicles that were made in the middle part of the twentieth century. 

There are many common things that people are looking into when it comes to these American cars. If you’re in the collecting market then the odds are you’ll find these things when looking for some unique vehicles. These are some of the most amazing types of vehicles that you can explore today as they can be found in many unique forms and can really stand out from some of the other vehicles that you’ll see on today’s market. 

Sports Cars Are Preferred 

Many car collectors around the UK are interested in American sports cars. These include such options as the Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger. They love these sports cars because they know they hold some of the largest engines around. These massive engines include eight cylinders in most cases and are often bigger than what many European vehicles of the time used. 

The Convertible Is a Staple 

The convertible was a real trend in the history of vehicles in the United States for quite some time. The culture that came with having the top down and surfing on the beach really makes for an interesting experience that many British car collectors are interested in. Do not be surprised if you find a bunch of convertibles from American on the classic car market. 

Don’t Forget the Muscle Car 

US carsThe muscle car was a hugely popular type of vehicle in America in the 1960s and 1970s. Many classic car collectors around the UK can look for fine options like the Pontiac GTO, Ford Thunderbolt and the AMC Rambler Rebel among many others. These vehicles are designed to be high-performance cars with strong engines and suspensions that make them capable of operating with as little drag as possible. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge for people in the UK to find roads that are conducive to such muscle cars but it is still fun to collect these and check them out. 

You should check out the many different types of classic American cars that you can explore on today’s market. These great American cars are big on the UK collectors’ market because they are vehicles that feature some strong and sturdy bodies as well as some attractive appearances that all can enjoy playing with. If you discover these options and use them for what they are worth then it should be rather easy for anyone to have a great vehicle.

Are People Going To Start Collecting Electric Cars?

The electric car is a rather new form of technology that has been spreading all around the UK and elsewhere around the world. Many companies are making their own vehicles that come with electric motors in lieu of petrol engines. Others have been making hybrid vehicles that combine the two options as well. 

Needless to say, the UK market for collectible electric cars is not all that strong at this moment. There are some interesting choices that people can look for these days though. Here are a few of the best options that you can explore when it comes to getting the best electric cars on the market: 

  • electric-car-2Some smaller electric buggies may be found on the classic car market. The Frazer Nash is one such option for a classic electric buggy for you to check out.
  • Some early-era electric vehicles are also becoming popular thanks to how they are practically the first generation of such vehicles and are therefore going to become potential collectibles in the future. The earliest editions of the Toyota Prius from nearly ten years ago are good examples of what you can find.
  • Even early vehicles from Tesla are going to become attractive. Tesla has made waves as a company that makes totally electric vehicles and therefore the vehicles that are open from the company could prove to be rather valuable.

As great as these electric cars can be, you need to be fully aware of some points when finding such vehicles on the collector’s market. The options that are available for you are interesting but you need to be aware of whatever it is you are getting yourself into in any case that you might have when trying to find a good vehicle on the collector’s market:

  • Watch for how the vehicles are going to cost quite a bit. The refined technology makes it so some vehicles are going to become extremely expensive Some of these vehicles may be found for around £60,000 or more, for instance.
  • electric-carMany hybrid vehicles tend to cost less because they are still made with some petrol-powered features. An older hybrid Hummer may be found for around £15,000, for instance.
  • Sometimes you might find that some of these vehicles have very low mileage totals. This is often due to how it can be a challenge for some people to find some of the many charging stations that some vehicles might require. Fortunately, a vehicle that has a lower mileage total might end up having a better value because it does not have as much fatigue as what you might get elsewhere while on the market.

The electric car is going to become more popular over time so it is no surprise that many older electric cars are going to become popular in the car collecting world. These cars are rather attractive and unique but it always helps to take a look at everything that is around when finding something that is rather unique and special in terms of what you can find these days.